The top 5 activities recommended for kids in Monteverde! Let the family fun begin!

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Looking for a family-friendly destination for your upcoming vacations? Finding a place to visit that suits all ages is not always an easy task, especially with young kids and not-so-young ones. So, welcome to Costa Rica, which combines nature, comfort, and lots of fun-filled days for everyone in the family. One very special place and a favorite for families is Monteverde. Let’s check out the top 5 Activities recommended for kids in Monteverde! Let the family fun begin!

Monteverde is one of Costa Rica’s most sought-after destinations for a number of reasons. Located up in the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Monteverde is a haven for nature and adventure lovers, with the convenience of great hotels and dining options close by. This means, once you have reached this piece of heaven on the mountaintop, car time is limited, making eager and energetic family members all the happier!

1. Canopy Tour at Selvatura

Monteverde is an adventurer’s dream destination and home to some of the most exciting zipline tours including the zipline tour at Selvatura Adventure Park. This zipline is the only one that actually is within the cloud forest in Monteverde so not only is it loads of fun for everyone, but it also gives thrill-seekers a unique perspective of the cloud forest.

This flying-through-the-canopy tour has 13 cables, 15 platforms dotted through the forest, one Tarzan Swing, and it is an absolute favorite for daredevils of all ages. With the best quality, Petzl harnesses and other climbing gear, your ride through the forest is both safe and venturesome. This is a family-goals activity that will most probably be the highlight of your family vacation to Monteverde.

While whizzing through the air may raise some safety concerns for parents, zip lining is absolutely safe so let your kids fly freely as they will always be in the company of our guides who are safety experts. With our 100% accident-free record with children, your 12 years and under child will enjoy the adrenaline-rush with a guide in tandem. Before you know it, your child will be hooked on the cable with the guide and disappear into the clouds and the excitement and sense of achievement will be incomparable.

2. Treetop Suspension Bridges at Selvatura

For those that would prefer to have their hiking boots firmly on the forest floor, Selvatura Adventure Park also offers a fantastic walk through the cloud forest canopy that is highlighted with a network of treetop suspension bridges. What an exciting way to explore this beautiful forest with the opportunity to experience it from above and at the canopy level, where many animals of the cloud forest inhabit.

The trail is nearly 2 miles long and it will take you through the cloud forest’s floor and then out into the sky and the top of the forest when crossing one of the 8 suspension bridges along the walk. Not only are the bridges fun to walk across, but they also have fantastic views of the cloud forest, Monteverde, and beyond making the experience all the more beautiful. You will see lots of birds during your walk as well!

3. Cloud Forest Walk

The Monteverde region is both a thriving rural and ecotourism-based community and a conglomeration of protected nature reserves that make up the cloud forest. This admirable community has made considerable efforts for decades to preserve this invaluable ecosystem that is home to an incredible variety of birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles.

The nature walk through the cloud forest is a low-impact activity for all the family, including the kids, especially when there is so much to see and enjoy. Choose from a number of walks during your stay in Monteverde as each one offers a different cloud forest walking experience.

As mentioned, if there is one thing that Monteverde can boast about is its wide variety of walks and hikes through the cloud forest. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, the Eternal Children’s Rainforest, Curi Cancha Reserve, Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve are some of the better-known private reserves found in Monteverde. Each one has a number of trails that vary according to your mobility, adventure disposition, and resistance. This means that there is a trail that best suits your family’s makeup, interests, and hiking level.

A walk through the cloud forest is quite a mystical experience and the kids will love walking through the clouds and seeing the mist dancing between the trees. This fairytale-evoking walk is also very exhilarating, as the reserves are home to a wide diversity of wildlife that always proves to be an exciting way to keep the kids alert, engaged, and enthralled with nature.

4. Night tour of the Cloud Forest

Did you know that about 60% of the cloud and rainforest animals are nocturnal? So, why not treat yourselves and the kids to a night tour through the forest to spot frogs, sleeping birds, reptiles, and mammals as they come from their daytime resting and hiding places to search for their final dinner snack. This is a true favorite for kids and an amazing way to finish off a day of adventure.

This exciting twist on a walk through the cloud forest also gives all the family a new perspective on the sights and sounds of the forest. The symphony of frogs and insects is amazing, and your senses will be enhanced as the torch spots some red frog-eyes or an insect blending into the tree trunk. In the company of expert guides and their magic-like capacity to find animals in the dark, this is a tour that will delight everyone in the family. It could well be a favorite after ziplining.

5. Meet the animals!

Costa Rica is a country of animals and wildlife. In every corner of this beautiful corner of the world, you will spot animals galore. One of the most bio-rich places in Costa Rica is Monteverde, which is also focused on the conservation and preservation of the cloud forest and its inhabitants, whether they are four-legged, furry, leathery, or feathered!

At Selvatura Adventure Park, you can visit the Butterfly Garden, the Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition, and the Sloth Sanctuary to enjoy all these animals up close and in action. Walk through the garden with beautiful butterflies fluttering around you resting on colorful flowers for pollen and then enjoy 360° views of the snakes and other reptiles in their customized natural terrariums.

The Sloth Sanctuary not only will give you and the kids the opportunity to observe these iconic Costa Rican animals, but it will also provide an opportunity to take part in the conservation and protection of sloths. The Selvatura Sloth Sanctuary is a joint collaboration with the Caribbean Sloth Sanctuary to protect and liberate sloths back into their natural habitat.

Monteverde is a perfect family vacation full of fun activities in nature for guests of all ages. From the thrill of the ziplining adventure to exploring the cloud forest at night and then observing the fantastically calm sloths as they move slowly yet surely from branch to branch. Selvatura Adventure Park was designed for visitors of all ages, so bring the kids and let the family fun begin! Book your jam-packed adventure package online today!

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