Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica. The best of the best.

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One of the best ways to explore Costa Rica´s many types of forests is by walking along hanging bridges through the treetop canopy. The forest, whether it be a rainforest, a cloud forest, or a dry tropical forest takes on a whole new perspective and is full of possibilities to spot birds, wildlife and look down into the sea of green below. With a number of hanging bridges to choose from, Costa Rica is a great place to explore the forest from above. Hanging bridges in Costa Rica; The best of the best!

We believe that life is about seeing things from different perspectives and Costa Rica is the perfect destination to have as many hanging bridges as there are forests to explore. So, during your travels through Costa Rica, you will have the opportunity to cross many hanging bridges, each offering a unique experience of the forest they traverse. Monteverde and Arenal Volcano are two of Costa Rica’s most beautiful places and they also have a number of great parks with hanging bridges.

So, before we start on our journey of the hanging bridges in Costa Rica to explore the best of the best, let’s understand what a hanging bridge is!

Costa Rica’s hanging bridges. Why are they so great?

Firstly, just imagine walking through the treetops and all the sensations that this evokes. Lush vegetation, the sun’s rays striking through, and the sounds of the forest that are just that much closer as you are, where most of the action is occurring in the forest world.

Then, imagine walking along a meshed metal deck holding onto a dependable handrail cable as you cross the hanging bridges that are suspended mid-air. While hanging bridges have existed for centuries, these days they feature state-of-the-art technology and are engineering success stories, but the thrill of these treetop walkways remains. While some will be motionless, others will have a slight swing to them, either way, they are a fantastic way to explore the forest, rain, cloud, or dry!

Monteverde Hanging Bridges!

Monteverde is the perfect place to enjoy the hanging bridges that cross the mystical cloud forest. This is a nature and adventure lover’s dream destination as the intensity of the cloud forest mixed in with the thrill of a variety of adventure activities means that this quaint, ethereal mountain top is truly heavenly-like.

Cozy, chalet-style hotels dot the mountainside adding charm to an already amazing place. For outstanding views of the cloud forest and down onto the Pacific coast stay at the Ficus Sunset Suites. Yes, the sunsets are a daily spectacle worth bearing witness to.

Not far from Ficus Monteverde Hotel, are the best of the best hanging bridges in Monteverde and Costa Rica! Let’s check them out!

  1. Selvatura Park Monteverde

Selvatura Adventure Park sits within a private reserve that is home to the magical cloud forest. So, when you walk over the treetop walkways, you are walking into one of the world’s most precious forests.

The 8 bridges that range between 170ft up to an incredible 560ft are part of the nearly 2-mile trail that will take you through the delicate yet extremely beautiful cloud forest. The suspension bridges are not only state-of-the-art, but they also offer the best views and perspectives of the cloud forest and its dwellers, most of which live in the forest canopy.

Add on a ziplining tour or a visit to the Sloth Sanctuary to really seal the day of adventure in nature.

  1. Sky Adventures Monteverde

The Sky Adventures Monteverde includes 6 hanging bridges ranging up to 774ft and heights up to 230ft. The bridges are along the 1.2-mile trail through the cloud forest. Unlike the Selvatura Adventure Suspension bridges, the walk and hanging bridges are not built within 100% virgin cloud forest but this walk will give you a good sense of its beauty.

Being at a lower altitude than Selvatura, the views are less far-reaching, but there are lots of good opportunities to spot wildlife and decide on how many hanging bridges you would like to walk over.

Arenal’s Hanging Bridges

Arenal Volcano is an adventure hub on the northern lowlands of Costa Rica. It is actually not far from Monteverde, and you can actually spot the iconic volcano from the mountaintop on a clear day. It is not unusual that eager nature and adventure lovers combine Arenal Volcano and Monteverde during their time in beautiful Costa Rica.

With the Arenal Volcano as your reliable companion, the Arenal area is an epicenter of adventure activities immersed in the rainforest. It is a favorite for birdwatchers and animal enthusiasts too so come prepared for some thrills!

When you are not ziplining, white water rafting, canyoning, or hiking to waterfalls, Arenal also has some great hanging bridges. Let’s check out two of the best of the best hanging bridges in Costa Rica

  1. Místico Park, La Fortuna

Mistico Park is all about hanging bridges. The property´s walks have a total of 16 bridges, six of which are hanging distributed along the nearly 2 mile-long walk through the tropical rainforest.

Mistico Park also offers night tours and early morning bird-watching tours for additional wildlife watching. Just like Selvatura and Sky Adventures, it has self-guided and guided tours in the expert company of naturalist guides.

Selvatura has a butterfly garden, frog and reptile exhibition, and sloth sanctuary which means you can combine the hanging bridges walk and then complement the animal viewing opportunities up close and during the day. This is very popular with the kids!

  1. Sky Adventures, La Fortuna

Sky Adventures La Fortuna is located about 30 minutes from the center of La Fortuna and has a great walking trail with 8 bridges of which half are hanging. This Park also has a couple of picturesque waterfalls and views of both the Arenal Volcano and the Arenal Lake.

The Sky Adventures in Arenal has a number of adventure activities in nature to choose from whereas the Mistico Hanging Bridges is focused on the experience of the suspension bridges which means both provide very different opportunities to feel nature up close. When in the Arenal area, you will decide what level of adventure you want.

Costa Rica has lots of other hanging bridges, but these are the best of the best in Monteverde and Arenal, two of Costa Rica’s most beautiful nature hubs. Your hanging bridge experience should be fantastic and Selvatura Adventure Park Monteverde has done its very best to ensure that it will be unforgettable! See you walking in the clouds over the hanging bridges at Selvatura!


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