Celajes restaurant Monteverde
Monteverde has a fabulous collection of excellent restaurants, bars, and cafes that are the delicious beginnings, intervals, and ends of a day of adventure in Monteverde.  This is a journey of flavors, aromas, and innovative kitchens in the clouds!
Ziplining in Monteverde
Monteverde is famous for its misty cloud forests, and rightly so! This magical forest is full of surprises, and exploring it is an experience that activates your senses. This quaint mountaintop sanctuary is also an adventure lover’s paradise where the cloud forest can be enjoyed from many perspectives and adrenaline levels.
When people ask us when the best time is to visit Monteverde, we are happy to say that Monteverde can and should be visited at any time. It is a destination that is worth singing its praises about! What we definitely add to the answer is that there has to be a time to visit because Monteverde is a bucket list, a must-visit place.
They say a family that travels together stays together. Selvatura Adventure Park in Monteverde can't guarantee that, but it can certainly guarantee a day of absolute fun and a lifetime of memories and stories of the day. Imagine a day of adventure in the beauty of the mystical cloud forest, high up in the mountains of Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is about exploring the mountains, the sea, and all the fantastic activities and landscapes in between.
Costa Rica is just one of those countries that are on many eager travelers’ bucket lists of places to visit.
Ready for some fun? We can safely say that ziplining is as close to synonymous with Costa Rica as you can get.
Visitors flock to Monteverde for many reasons. It´s immense natural beauty, the...
One of the best ways to explore Costa Rica´s many types of forests is by walking...
Let's say it as it is! Costa Rica is a champion of the earth for many reasons